daniela nomura
I am a designer with a decade of branding, marketing, and communication design experience in various parts of the world. Whether a digital experience, luscious printed look book, or corporate presentation, I'll integrate a variety of mediums including studio photography, digital manipulation, paper craft, storyboarding, and illustration to inform design solutions.
I've worked in advertising, marketing, and branding—both embedded in companies as well as with creative agencies. Read my LinkedIn for more. I work for the amazing folks at Article Group as well as some pro bono work to support my local Oakland community.
designing a brand 
You've laid the groundwork. You understand the problem and created a better solution for the world: your brand. Every brand has an inherently unique story to reveal, and revealing that story uniquely is the key to being remembered. My job is to explore how to present your story in a way that resonates with your audience because it is both a reflection and a guide forward. Doing so requires research, collaboration, trial, and finely-tuned execution so that every move feels genuine and deliberate.
As an art director, I always prioritize team collaboration to arrive at the best work. I take pride in my ability to extract intention from clients, lead creative brainstorming, integrate brand strategy, get whacky and weird with copywriters, and construct project workflows.