From small boardroom presentations to global summits, slideshow presentation design becomes a platform for storytelling, compelling visual communication design, and learning. The larger the event, the more opportunity to add layers of animation, motion graphics, and stage effects to add for drama or clarity. Presentation design often is a months-long endeavor to merge a brand story with marketing strategy and visual branding. Decks become bibles for corporate  sales teams, make or break for grant seekers, and globally-viewed visual backdrops behind CEOs.  
Amazon Web Services, re:Invent
Article Group 2018
Keynote for Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon Web Services
This 2-hour keynote presentation was projected from 7 LCD screens and broadcast live to millions of viewers.  
Formula 1 at AWS RE:INVENT
AWS guest customer Ross Brawn presenting before a global audience about the vast improvement to racing that data technology has brought.
Another guest AWS customer presenting how AWS technology integrates into one of their IoT solutions which creates satellite networks from space to fishing boats at sea. This presentation used animated graphics, video, and pyrotech to create the sensory of a rocket launch. 
Design partner for Mark Zuckerberg's Keynote at the 2018 F8 conference.
Facebook Comms
First-call presentation, Article Group 2020
A few of the various sales presentations designed for Google Drive, Google Meet, G Suite Essentials, and Gmail Hub.  
G Suite Essentials sales deck
G Suite deck sales deck
Google Enterprise Mobility sales deck
Marketplace & Commerce Research Roundup Report, ongoing semi-annual
Facebook Marketplace & Commerce org All-Hands presentations, ongoing quarterly
Facebook App Research 
Logo design and presentation template for researchers in Facebook App Research. 2018

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